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Our office is open Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

After hours service appointments can be scheduled.

We monitor our messages carefully, so please leave a voicemail if calling after hours.

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We also monitor our emails closely, and you are welcome to contact us online. To request an appointment, use our request appointment form. Otherwise, here's a simple form to send us a brief message.


Meet the R&R Handyman Team

Phil & Judi Rowe own and operate R&R Handyman Services. If you give us a call, you might catch either owner on the phone, but most likely you'll speak with Monica. Monica is our lead for all customer service inquiries, plus she dispatches all our service jobs to our Service Technicians in the field.

We have a great team of highly skilled Service Technicians, all with 15 Years+ of experience in multiple trades. While our office is in Walnut Creek, our Techs live in various communities around the Bay Area so are local (and close) to our customers.

Read: 10 Reasons to Choose R&R Handyman

Phil Rowe

Phil Rowe

I became a licensed contractor in 1980 building homes and duplexes in Sacramento. Over the years I have built about 250 homes both working for myself and others. I have always enjoyed the process of creating a home and in 2008 when the market for new homes slowed I decided repairs and remodels would provide the same level of satisfaction and would enable me to utilize the experience of the past 30 plus years.

Since then we have grown to have 6+ technicians in the field and do jobs ranging from a simple one hour repair to full bath and kitchen remodels. When not working I enjoy the grand kids, trips with my wife of 40 years and old car related events.

Judi Rowe

Judi Rowe

I have been around the construction business with Phil for around 30 years, either actually at the job site or doing paperwork, in between we managed to raise three wonderful children and have four wonderful grandchildren.

I do all the paperwork for the business so I am usually not answering the phone. I like to give back to the community so I raise Guide Dog puppies for the San Rafael Guide Dog Organization. Currently we have our third Guide Dog in training “Thea” in the office with us; so when you call if you hear a bark or whine it’s just Thea saying Hi and learning how to behave in an office environment. We all look forward to helping you our customer have a good experience with our company from your first phone call to the finished product.

Monica - Customer Service Representative


Customer Service Representative/ Dispatcher

Monica is based in our Walnut Creek office, and handles most of our customer calls, as well as the job schedule of all our Technicians in the field.

Bob - Technician


Service Technician

Bob lives in Belmont, and is our lead technician for the general area around Palo Alto and up to Redwood City.

Craig - Technician


Service Technician

Craig lives in San Mateo, and is our lead technician for the general area from San Francisco to Daly City & San Mateo.

Dennis - Technician


Service Technician

Dennis lives in Concord, and is our lead technician for Contra Costa County, including Concord, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, and Danville.

Jose - Technician


Service Technician

Jose lives in Hayward, and is our lead technician for the general area around Oakland, Castro Valley, and Hayward.

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

CA Lic#971896

10 Reasons to Choose R&R Handyman:

1. Your Safety

We ensure the safety of your family and employees in two ways. One is that all our Service Technicians have passed a background check. There are many "contractors" out there, who are convicted felons and registered sex offenders. Be careful who you let in your home...

Two, we minimize the risk of accidents happening in your home or office, by following all OSHA workplace safety requirements.

2. We Are Easy to Reach

Unlike a solo operator, working out of his pickup and armed with a cell phone: we have dedicated office staff answering the phone, and monitoring emails. One of the biggest complaints from consumers is how difficult it is to get hold of their contractor - particular when something has gone wrong. You will never have that issue with R&R Handyman.

3. We Show Up On Time

Contractors showing up late - or not at all - is another source of consumer headaches. Even for the best intentioned contractor, showing up on time is actually very difficult. The nature of our work has lots of variability and unexpected surprises, and completing in progress projects generally takes priority over starting the next planned project.

We can't make the variability and surprises magically go away- but we can mitigate its effects. We use special scheduling software, managed by our office staff, to ensure we always have a clear view of our overall work schedule. If issues arise that require a change in plans- we will proactively call you to let you know. Since we have multiple technicians on staff- we also have the flexibility to shift resources around, if your originally scheduled technician is held up on another project for some reason.

4. Quality Workmanship

All our technicians have significant experience, and take great pride in their work. We have a very high rate of repeat customers - and we believe this is due not only to providing a convenient service experience at reasonable prices, but also to the high quality of our Technicians' workmanship. We believe in using the best materials and workmanship practices, and getting the job done right the first time.

5. Excellent Value

When you get multiple estimates from contractors, you are likely to get a wide-range of prices. For the responses on the low end- ask yourself why? What are you not getting from this contractor, relative to the higher-priced alternatives? I can tell you that often the low-priced bids, ultimately end up being the most expensive over the long term. Expensive change orders once the project starts; poor workmanship or materials resulting in early life failure; inexperienced contractors abandoning a project mid-stream (when they realized they underbid); something catastrophic happening - only to find out the contractor was unlicensed & uninsured after the fact; and the list goes on. We've seen it all.

We make the most of your hard-earned dollars in several ways. First, by doing quality work that lasts, we ensure you don't penny-pinch now, at the expense of being pound-foolish over the longer term. Second, because we are a one-stop shop for most of your needs, we can realize significant savings for you vs having to hire multiple specialist contractors. Third, our one year warranty means that we'll fix any workmanship issues for you, free of charge (even the best technicians will make occasional mistakes). And finally - because we are licensed and maintain full insurance coverage - you are financially protected in case something catastrophic goes wrong.

We do not try to "save" you money (or maximize our profit) by cutting corners, paying sub-standard wages (which would result in high turnover of technician staff, and low quality work), or skimping on insurance (which would mean excessive risk).

6. We Are Flexible With Unique Requests

See our process page to learn more about how you can engage us as hourly skilled labor, get fixed price quotes for your project, and how we accommodate the unique needs of our commercial clients. Bottom line- we do our best to accommodate your needs.

7. One-Stop-Shop

Repeat and referral business is the key to our long term success, and we strive to be your "go-to" contractor for all your home/business maintenance, repair, and improvement needs. We have deep and wide technical experience in house, and also maintain a trusted list of referrals for services that we do not offer (like roofing & HVAC). Give us a call first.

8. Your Peace-of-Mind

We've already mentioned this several times above- but we maintain full insurance coverage for your protection. Workmans Compensation and Liability insurance is expensive: but home repairs and improvements can be a risky business. You are covered with R&R Handyman.

If you ever hire an unlicensed contractor, be sure your homeowners insurance will not only cover potential damage that might be done by the worker, but that you also have a worker's comp rider. You are considered the employer for unlicensed workers- and could be held liable if they get injured on your property, while doing work for you.

By-the-way: don't just take a person's word for it when they say they are "licensed". Check yourself at the California State License Board open new page site. Here are links to our CSLB license records: License #971896 open new page and License #391556 open new page. We included the link to #391556 to show that Phil has been a licensed contractor since 1980.

9. One Year Warranty

We provide a one year warranty on workmanship, and any materials provided by R&R Handyman. Certain restrictions apply - call for details.

10. Local and Family-Owned

We are a family owned business, with deep Bay Area roots. You can expect personal, friendly service - Phil and Todd will even give you their personal cell phone numbers, so you can call them directly for any issues related to your project.

If you use R&R Handyman - you'll know you are working with a local family that has been in the contracting business for many years- and has full intentions of being around for many more years to come.